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Hot Air Balloons


LNG power enbles our trucks to refuel quicker, go further, and weigh less, all with a zero emission sustainable solution that is friendly on our lungs and the enviroment.


Autonomous Driving

A break away from the conventions and perfect integration with the autonomous driving sensing units.

Car Motor

2000km Range,

DAMO electric heavy trucks with a single filling of LNG and a range of more than 2000 km. DAMO micro-turbine generator with 80% energy efficiency, 80,000 hours service life is a game changer in EV industry.

Glass Buildings


Leading the way

The future is in smart, electric and autonomous vehicles, and we aim to lead the way.

Our Chinese name,达摩, means kongfu Master, and this is represented in our symbol.We firmly believe that the technology will change the future life of mankind, and this is our guiding philosophy and stands for our commitment to use technology to bring a brighter tomorrow.

The automotive industry is on the cusp of profound change. We believe it isn’t just products and technology that must change; it is how people use these products, and their entire ownership experience. We want you to feel positive again about owning a electric truck.
Our aspiration is to shape a joyful work-style  for our users.

We want to redefine what premium service means for a truck company. When the ownership experience exceeds expectations, electric vehicles will simply become the natural choice for everyone, leading to a more sustainable tomorrow. With that, our vision will come true.

Transform the transportation industry
while improving our employees’ lives
and leaving the world a better place.

Our Values

Drive Forward
Values drive forward hex icon whiteDisrupt and innovate. Constantly pursue progression and improvement. Push yourself and others to think broadly, go further and achieve more.

Move Fast
Values move fast hex icon whiteWork quickly and get things done. Value simplicity and cut red tape. Take risks and learn from mistakes.

Work Outward
Values work outward hex icon whiteSafety, quality, integrity and attitude. Take personal behavior seriously and put the success of the team above your own. Think about how your work affects others.

Act as Owners
Values act as owners hex icon whiteTreat the company and its resources as if they’re your own. Trust other’s capabilities. Understand that as the organization succeeds, you succeed.






Year Established

Electric Trucks Completed

Trucks to be delivered in 2 years 

R&D Centre


R&D Center





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Head Office

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Halifax, NS, Canada

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